Greenfield represents employers in the technology, real estate, manufacturing, and financial services industries in all kinds of employment law matters including:

  • advice and counsel
  • employee mobility
  • trade secrets litigation
  • discrimination, harassment, and retaliation litigation

Greenfield provides employers of all sizes advice and counsel on a variety of matters such as hiring, discipline and termination practices, wage and hour issues, employment policy handbooks, trade secrets protection, executive employment agreements, confidentiality agreements and severance agreements. Perhaps most importantly, Greenfield engages in training managers in preventing problems.

In addition to working with employers, Greenfield also serves individuals in reviewing and negotiating employment contracts and restrictive covenant agreements, reviewing the terms and negotiating improved positions to severance agreements, advising employees on the legality of pending or actual terminations, and bringing claims over employee terminations.

In the event that litigation cannot be prevented, Greenfield’s experienced litigation team is prepared to handle employment disputes of all sizes, on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.