Our Approach

Serve clients first and foremost.

To us, the law is not a career.
It is a calling.
Our purpose in life is simple:
to help our clients collect what they’re owed and protect what they own.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Move quickly. Stay agile.

We keep our firm tight. Smart. And powerful.
We proudly outperform larger groups of attorneys.
Our approach is simple:
We know which battles to pick.
And how to fight them.

Be ready for trial on every single case.

We’re not afraid to go to trial.
We’ve done it over 200 times.
And every time, we’re a fearsome adversary in the courtroom.
Opponents know this. Other law firms know this.
Which is why we’re able to settle so many of our cases before they
even begin.
Sometimes the best fight is no fight at all.

Build success by building trust.

We’re not just here for one case. We’re here for life.
Some of our clients have been with us for decades.
Others are partners and attorneys at other firms.
Those that know who to hire, hire our firm.
We look out for them, and they stick with us.

Keep complex cases simple.

Commercial business litigation is tricky.
Complex litigation even more so.
We are masters of complex commercial cases.
We know how to staff them.
We know how to manage them.
Most of all, we know how to fight them.
We are committed to making the law work for you.