Rachel ThomasAttorney

Education: J.D., University of San Francisco School of Law, 2006,  B.A., University of Utah, 2001.

Number of cases I have tried (alone or as part of a trial team):  10

Appellate experience: I had the honor of serving as an Extern to the Honorable Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court Ronald George M. George (Ret.) in 2005. During my externship, I conducted extensive research and prepared draft opinions. I continued similar work as a staff attorney for the Superior Court of Santa Clara County where I supported the judges of the Appellate Division providing bench memoranda and draft opinions for several years.

Reason I joined Greenfield: Greenfield is a unique firm unlike any other. I joined Greenfield because of the culture of excellence, fierce advocacy, and collegiality. Collaboration is encouraged and fostered which benefits the clients immeasurably.

Favorite part of working at Greenfield: My favorite part of working at Greenfield is the incredibly rare balance of client-centered hard work, persistent advocacy, and a sense of humor.

Awkward courtroom moment: In one case, the witness, opposing counsel, and I all shared the same surname. It felt like an Abbott and Costello routine of “Who’s on First?”

Volunteer work I do (or have done) outside of Greenfield: I am very active in the community and have made volunteering a priority by serving on the boards of a few non-profit organizations and participating in hands-on activities like serving meals, stocking food pantries, cleaning streets, planting trees, and refurbishing outdoor spaces in challenged communities. I have also served as an advisory council member to a non-profit organization which provides direct services to persons who are homeless. As an attorney, I traveled to Texas to provide pro bono representation to indigent women and children seeking asylum in their initial hearings. For several years, I have coached a Mock Trial team. I work with the High School students weekly to teach them the value of preparation, to build their confidence, and to help them learn how to present a case for trial from start to finish.