Alexander H. RamonAssociate

My Focus: Business and Real Estate Litigation

Education: J.D., Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, 2011; B.A. History, Occidental College, 2008

Reason I joined Greenfield: I wanted to be a part of an aggressive commercial litigation firm that would challenge me to be a great trial attorney. Greenfield attorneys collaborate on every case drawing upon everyone’s strengths. Ideas are vetted, tested, researched and hammered by every attorney from their own reservoirs of knowledge and experience.

Favorite part of working at Greenfield: Being amongst serious attorneys who don’t take themselves too seriously. The attorneys here resolve complex issues and produce high quality work product without sacrificing their pragmatism or their sense of humor.

How I got into law; how I got interested in the field: Law is a family trade for me. Over three generations my family collectively has approximately 100 years of legal service to our respective communities. I couldn’t and don’t want to imagine myself doing anything else.

Proudest achievement: I suffered a season ending injury when I partially tore my plantar fascia in two spots during my senior Cross-Country season for Occidental College. I spent 10 weeks rehabbing and cross-training to finish fourth in the West Region. My performance helped my team to a NCAA National Championship berth and allowed me to collect my second All-American award and a top-15 national championship finish.